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world of mobile is a fast moving, all-encompassing, wealth of information and
opportunity.  And because of this convenience, people love their
smartphones!  In fact, 21st century
citizens actually admit that they would go without
TV, chocolate, and even sex, before they gave up their smart phone.  So,
as a small business owner, there should be no question about your need to
communicate via mobile.  Simply put, your business needs an app!
When consumers are willing to forego life’s pleasures in order to stay
wirelessly connected to the mobile world, you’d be a fool not to run with the


clearly an opportunity for you to grow your business using mobile technology,
but like anything else that is new, it’s scary because there is nothing to use
as a frame of reference. Keep in mind, however, a few years back, social media
was frowned upon by the masses, and now, it’s a major outreach for
business.  Go back in time even further, like to the onset of the
Internet.  No one would have invested into a webpage circa 1990.
Now, a website is as important to a business as a bank account.  As a
business owner, you have to stay abreast of technological changes. 


often do you look at your smartphone?
Statistics show 52% of the population
at their smartphone several times per hour.


Why do I need an app?  I use social media marketing. A strong social
media presence can certainly benefit your business.   It gets your brand out there, and it offers
an opportunity for viewers to see what you are marketing.  But, compared to social media, an app can
reach more people because there is no need to compete for space on news
feeds.  When you publish your information
on social media, you are gambling that people will see what you have to say
amongst the crowed.  An app, on the other
hand, sends a message directly to users’ phones. 

An app gives you the opportunity to
communicate with your customers 24/7.  Need to send out a brief message
about a sale?  Need to let your customers know that an upgrade is
necessary?  How about time for an oil change?  What about announcing
upcoming events?  Use your app’s push
notifications to send a message. The possibilities are endless for your
business when you are constantly in your customers’ pockets and purses!
You are literally with them all the time!  With an app, you can divulge
whatever you want, whenever you want, and there’s no spam filter!  Make
your app an essential part of your business model, and it will give you the
necessary line of communication you need to reach your customers.

Communication is just one of the features Mobile Marketing offers.  We have over 40 features to choose from.  We have a shopping cart feature great for product based businesses, restaurants, or food trucks.  We also have features for particular industries like real estate or property management. Bands, musicians, DJ’s, comedians, clowns, or any other entertainer; you can promote your talent. Medical spas, hair stylists, masseuses, handyman, or any other service industry can utilize the scheduling feature.  

Reward your clients with our Loyalty Feature for return business. Gain new clients with our Share Feature where your current clients refer your business to their family, friends and co-workers.

It no longer costs an arm & leg to develop an app by paying a “programmer” 10’s of thousands of dollars.  My program uses pre-coded features; which brings the cost down to a fraction of traditional app development.  As your app developer, my service includes publishing to iTunes & Google Play in a one-time fee of $495.00.  There are never any other fees to keep your app live in the stores.


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